2017 Annual Meeting & Elections

Annual Meeting and Elections

 CRA held the annual business meeting and town hall on Wednesday, March 29 during the 27th Annual Conference and Trade Show at the Embassy Suites Kingston Plantation in Myrtle Beach, SC.  During the annual meeting we discussed 2017 CRA Board of Directors Elections as well as the State of the CRA.

We are pleased to welcome five newly elected or re-elected members to the CRA Board of Directors:

Malinda Barkley (Republic Services)

Mandy Barnette (Pratt Recycling, Inc.)

Amanda Fairley (Waste Management)

Amanda Kain (Catawba County)

Amy Preble (UNC Chapel Hill)


2017 Board Elect

Malinda Barkley - Municipal Services Manager, Republic Services, Inc. (Fort Mill, SC)

Candidate Statement: Malinda has been serving as a Municipal Manager with Republic Services for the last three years and in the recycling and waste industry for over 26 years. She works closely with local government assisting in developing/enhancing their recycling programs. Reviewing trends in the market and materials increases the importance of public education. Previous position, analyzing market conditions, budgets, risk and profitability to enhance return on investment. Native to the Carolinas her market area includes Western NC, SC and East TN.
Board Skills and CRA Board/Committee Service: Financial management, budgeting, investment, risk and profitability, policies and procedures
Mandy Barnette - Business Developer, Pratt Recycling, Inc. (Duncan, SC)

Candidate Statement: Mandy Barnette is interested in joining the CRA Board of Directors to further recycling and waste reduction throughout the Carolina's by growing partnerships and memberships for the CRA. She believes her 16 years of experience in the recycling industry will greatly benefit the CRA and its Board. Mandy believes that strong interpersonal relationships are integral to any successful organization.
Board Skills and CRA Board/Committee Service: Membership recruitment, partnership building, mentoring/training, creative thinker; CRA Membership Committee

Amanda Fairley - Sustainability Manager, Waste Management (Asheville, NC)

Candidate Statement: With over 8 years of experience in the waste and recycling industry, Amanda Fairley develops recycling and diversion programs for companies and municipalities, leads the conversion to CNG fueled trucks in the Carolinas, and conducts public education about landfills and MRFs. As part of the Board, she will use skills honed from those experiences to grow the CRA into a major networking and education organization for professionals in the recycling industry.
Board Skills and CRA Board/Committee Service: Financial management, budget and fundraising, non-profit management, board management, strategic planning; Current CRA Board Secretary/Executive Committee, Annual Conference Committee, Program subcommittee, Finance, Education and Outreach, Personnel, Grant Task Force and SC License Plate Scholarship Program
Amanda Kain - Waste Reduction Coordinator/Educator, Catawba County (Newton, NC)

Candidate Statement: Amanda has served the CRA as a Board of Director for 5 years and is the current Board President. She is dedicated to growing the CRA into the best organization it can be by fostering new and existing partnerships and memberships and creating a solid strategic growth/financial plan. She will be an honest, active and engaged Board member and will always strive to exceed the expectations of the membership.
Board Skills and CRA Board/Committee Service: Nonprofit, board and staff management, strategic growth and financial planning, experience with all CRA councils, committees and subcommittees; Current CRA Board President/Executive Committee. CRA Council Development. Committee work includes, Fund Development, Board Development, Personnel, Education and Outreach, Annual and Special Conferences, Grant Task Force and special networking event planning
Amy Preble - Recycling Coordinator, UNC-Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC)

Candidate Statement: Amy is a Recycling Coordinator with the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling at UNC-Chapel Hill, where she has worked since 1999. Amy has served as Collegiate Recycling Coalition Chair since 2014, and as CRA Auction Chair. She previously served on the Board of Directors for the Orange County Rape Crisis Center, where she served as Auction Chair, Board Vice President, and President. She is a UNC-Chapel Hill alumna.
Board Skills and CRA Board/Committee Service: non-profit board experience, education and outreach, event planning, management and fundraising, board & staff management; Collegiate Recyclers Coalition Chair, Annual Conference Committee (Auction Committee Chair), CRA Member, Conference Speaker