Healthcare Sustainability Council

Healthcare Sustainability Council

Goal: To support recycling industries and businesses by providing a forum to work on increasing recycling in the Carolinas thereby improving both the economy and environment of our states.

Mission: To promote a sustainable stewardship of resources by:

  • Exploring strategies to reduce waste
  • Exchanging and networking information
  • Building case studies from successful solutions and innovations
  • Educating peers, partners and leaders on healthcare sustainability
  • Building the recycling market locally

Upcoming Events:

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Interim Chair – Jennifer Sellers, Environmental Sustainability Solutions Program Manager @ Carolinas HealthCare System


Given the growing demand for quality healthcare in the Carolinas, the number of hospitals and medical facilities has increased. As a result, the amount of medical–related waste generated has also increased along with the need to provide sustainable buildings and services. In response to this, CRA formed a Healthcare Sustainability Council in 2017.