Green Tips for Large Gatherings

Green Tips for Holidays and Parties

  • Reduce – Plan the menu and calculate the amount of food you need to prepare and serve to avoid food waste.
  • Buy Local – Purchase local and seasonal foods for your feast.
  • Recycle – Make sure that your guests know where your recycling and compost bins are located
  • Set the table – Avoid using paper plates or plastic cutlery.
  • Get crafty – Make upcycled decorations from items you can find in your backyard/ around the house.
  • Save gas – Carpool to your dinner.
  • Traveling – Don’t forget to turn down the thermostat and turn off the lights!
  • Re-use – Need a box for a gift?  Check your recycling bin!  You likely have just the box you need!
  • Donate – Find a local food bank or shelter to take edible, unwanted food
  • Compost – Compost your food scraps.