NC Glass Recycling Forum

NC Glass Recycling Forum

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Glass is an important commodity in North Carolina’s recycling economy. While it can pose challenges to recycling systems, glass can also be successfully managed in collection and processing operations and in turn be supplied to manufacturers who make new bottles and other products.

The Carolina Recycling Association (CRA), in conjunction with the NC Division of Environmental Assistance and Customer Service (DEACS), is hosting a Glass Recycling Forum from 10:00 to 1:00 on Tuesday, October 25th at the Wilson County Agricultural Services Building in Wilson, NC. CRA members, public recycling officials, and private sector stakeholders in glass recycling are encouraged to attend this event. The agenda [click here to view agenda] will focus on addressing the practical aspects of managing glass, from collection through MRF processing, beneficiation, and final use of cullet.

Following the Forum, participants will have the opportunity to tour the Strategic Materials Industries (SMI) glass beneficiation plant and Ardagh’s glass manufacturing facility.* Lunch will be provided as part of registration.

* SMI and Ardagh reserve the right to restrict tours to non-competitors and attendees not actively involved in certain aspects of glass recycling.

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