2020 Annual Meeting & Elections


Thanks for Attending the 2020 Virtual

CRA Annual Meeting & Elections!

May 27, 2020


Annual Meeting & Elections
We hope you are all healthy & safe.  We missed seeing all of you in March and we enjoyed “meeting with you during the Annual Meeting.  We discussed CRA’s year in review, our 2020 conference plans, plans for 2020-21, met the 2020 Board Candidates, and more.  Full information on the elections including the proposed By-Law Amendments and the 2020 Candidates is below.  To review the meeting, click the button to watch the recording.  Check out the meeting agenda here.

Proposed By-Law Amendments
In addition to our Annual Meeting and Elections, the board has also proposed several amendments to our governing by-laws in order to help the organization function more efficiently and effectively.  In particular, the proposed changes will create procedures for emergency operations for CRA that are essential for governance during times like the current Covid-19 pandemic.  Please review the proposed changes to the CRA By-Laws prior to the Annual Meeting.  These proposed amendments will be included on the ballot for membership vote following the Annual Meeting.   You may review the proposed changes here:


2020 Board of Directors Elect
Elections and voting were held following the Virtual Annual Meeting. We are pleased to welcome five newly elected or re-elected members to the CRA Board of Directors.  In addition, we are also welcoming a sixth candidate to fill a vacancy due to a board member’s resignation:

Board Elect:

Teresa Baker - Recycle & Sustainability Coordinator, Granville Co. Public Schools/Granville Co. (Creedmoor, NC)

Teresa's Statement:
Having a clear moment of discernment along with a passion to do something about the disposable world that had been created for us to live in while visiting her daughter's elementary school 10 years ago, Teresa presented the need for something to be done and created a position with Granville County Schools and Granville County. Perseverance to make recycling available & access for disposal of HHW have been ceaseless.

Board Skills and CRA Board/Committee Service:
Current CRA HHW Council member; Council Workshop Event Planning & Conference Volunteer; CRA Award Winner; Granville County Environmental Committee Service; "Women Who Make A Difference" 2020 Granville County League of Women Voters Award Recipient; School Recycling Education & Outreach; Recycling and HHW Collection Program Management; NC Local Government Representative.
Mandy Barnette - Procurement Representative, Pratt Recycling, Inc. (Duncan, SC) ***

Mandy's Statement:
Mandy Barnette is interested in continuing to serve on the CRA Board of Directors to further recycling and waste reduction throughout the Carolina's by growing partnerships and memberships for the CRA. She believes her 19 years of experience in the recycling industry will greatly benefit the CRA and its Board. Mandy believes that strong interpersonal relationships are integral to any successful organization.

Board Skills and CRA Board/Committee Service:
Current CRA Board Member; Current CRA Conference (Co-Chair), Education & Outreach Membership, and Human Resources Committee Member; Membership Recruitment, Partnership Building; Mentoring/Training; Sales and Customer Service Management; Contract Negotiation & Management; Recycling Collection Management; 6-time winner of Pratt's highest sales award, the Pinnacle Club Platinum Award
Srijana Guilford - Environmental Communications Specialist, Town of Cary (Cary, NC)

Srijana's Statement:
Experienced in local government, Srijana Guilford wants to give back to fellow colleagues and work to sustain the future of this important organization. Seasoned in design and management of local and regional programs, events, and marketing that successfully support waste reduction. She believes in thoughtful planning and collaborative partnerships to solve challenges, and is passionate about the impact one action to reduce waste has on the health of our communities.

Board Skills and CRA Board/Committee Service:
Current CRA Conference, Zero Waste, and Education & Outreach Committee Member; Past CRA Program Committee Member; CRA Award Winner; Local Government Recycling Program Coordinator; Event Planning and Marketing; Education & Outreach Experience; Non-Profit Management and Environmental Partnership Building; NC Local Government Representative.
Matt James - Industrial Development Specialist, NC DEQ (Raleigh, NC)

Matt's Statement:
In Matt’s position at the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, he builds partnerships between local governments and recycling businesses, and he has experience providing technical and financial support to these organizations. His office frequently works alongside the CRA while planning conference sessions and Lunch and Learn events. He wants to help the CRA expand its membership and strengthen the recycling industry in the Carolinas.

Board Skills and CRA Board/Committee Service:
Current CRA Program Committee Member & a CRA/NC DEACS Liaison; Local Government Liaison & State Agency Experience; Technical Assistance Experience with Colleges & Universities, Local Government & Recycling Businesses; Conference & Event Planning, Public/Private Partnership Building; Recycling Business Support; Data Analysis; Financial Management and Grant Administration.
Ashley Jenkins - Recycling Coordinator, Beaufort County (Beaufort, SC)

Ashley's Statement:
Ashley loves to inspire, create, and remind people that a throwaway society is not a sustainable society. She’s been working for Beaufort County Public Works for the past four years as the Recycling Coordinator. She considers herself a team player, a quick learner, and a detail-oriented person. If given the opportunity to be a CRA Board member, she comes willing to serve and embrace new challenges and leadership roles.

Board Skills and CRA Board/Committee Service:
Current CRA Education & Outreach Committee, Conference Committee, and Program Committee Member; Local Government Recycling Coordinator; Extensive Local Government Education & Outreach Experience; Grant Writing and Administration; Past CRA Award Recipient; SC Local Government Representative.
Tony Krasienko - Municipal Sales Manager, Republic Services (Winston-Salem, NC)

Tony's Statement:
With 25 years of experience managing construction projects, a major municipality as the CEO, Major Accounts and Municipal Sales for 3 Business Units for recycling and solid waste, Tony is proud to have produced significant growth and results for the organizations he has served. His interests would to be utilizing his extensive experience, knowledge, professional skills and proven ability to produce outstanding results for the CRA organization.

Board Skills and CRA Board/Committee Service:
Local Government Elected Office Experience (Mayoral); Board Service Experience on Multiple Boards and Past Board President (non-CRA position); Membership Recruiting; Budget Management & Finance; Communications. Interest in serving as CRA Treasurer.