3 R’s & a Runway

3 R’s and a Runway Trashion Fashion Show

Calling all artists, designers, & upcycle lovers!

Step into a world where fashion meets sustainability and showcase your creativity and fashion design skills in a sustainable way by being part of Carolina Recycling Association’s recycled materials fashion show. The show will give artists, designers, and crafty upcyclers an opportunity to design and showcase their sustainable art on the runway. Inspire change and get noticed by giving new life into recycled fabrics, repurposing materials, and upcycling treasures into innovative wearable fashion.

Please note that artists must secure their own model.

Event Date & Time: 4/9/2024 – 5pm – 5:30pm

Location: The Cherokee Convention Center

Objectives: Educate the audience on the materials that are often found in the landfill and creative ways they can be used in fashion.  

Theme: Sassy & sustainable! Recycled materials on the runway. Save these materials from going to the landfill by incorporating them into a fashionable piece of clothing. 

Applications Due by February 18, 2024