2024 Awards

34th Annual CRA Awards

Have you had a stand-out year? Implemented a new program or strategy? Want to experience the untold glory of winning an annual CRA Award? Then get busy on your nomination now!

The 2024 Annual Awards seek to recognize:

  • Projects that are innovative, cutting edge, and impactful to waste reduction in the Carolinas;
  • Work that has been successful in addressing current challenges of the recycling industry;
  • People who have demonstrated leadership and made a significant contribution to recycling;
  • Programs that are diverting new waste streams or using new technology to recover more materials;
  • Programs, education, or events that demonstrate creativity in promoting or increasing recycling;
  • Projects were difficult to execute but were ultimately successful and replicable in the Carolinas; or
  • Projects that address the work of the CRA Councils: Collegiate Recycling, Household Hazardous Waste Management, and Litter Reduction and Beautification.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Projects.

Please only submit ONE nomination per organization. If you have several programs or achievements you would like to submit for consideration, please combine them into ONE nomination. If you have submitted an organizational nomination, you may also submit a nomination for an individual from your organization as well. Recipients will be honored at the 2024 Annual Conference.