Healthcare Sustainability Council

Healthcare Sustainability Council

Goal: To support sustainable practices within the healthcare industry in the Carolinas by providing a networking and collaborative opportunity.

Mission: To promote a sustainable stewardship of resources by:

  • Exploring strategies to reduce waste
  • Exchanging and networking information
  • Building case studies from successful solutions and innovations
  • Educating peers, partners and leaders on healthcare sustainability
  • Building the recycling market locally


Upcoming Events: Healthcare Sustainability Workshop in March 2019 in Charleston, SC at the CRA Annual Conference


History: Given the growing demand for quality healthcare in the Carolinas, the number of hospitals and medical facilities has increased. As a result, the amount of medical–related waste generated has also increased along with the need to provide sustainable buildings and services. In response to this, CRA formed a Healthcare Sustainability Council in 2017.

Presentations from the Healthcare Sustainability Workshop on March 20, 2018:
The Healthcare Sustainability Workshop is aimed at helping healthcare professionals, recyclers, and supporters learn about the specific opportunity of reducing waste in a healthcare setting. The workshop will provide approaches, networking, strategies, and best practices for this unique industry.


North Carolina

South Carolina

Energy Use in Hospitals

Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council

Recycling and Beyond: A Primer

Recycling Plastic Bags, Films, and Wrap

Sustainable Purchasing

Participating Council Members:

Atrium Health

EnviroSource Solutions

Medical University of South Carolina

Novant Health

UNC Health Care

UNC REX Healthcare

Waste Reduction Partners


Contact: Interim Chair – Jennifer Sellers, Environmental Sustainability Solutions Director, Atrium Health