24th Annual Conference, Asheville, NC – 2014

A collection of the presentations from the 24th Annual Conference in Asheville, NC, 2014.


General Session: Recycling Economics and Markets – What Does the Future Hold

Breakout Session 1: Organics Collection 

Breakout Session 2: Reaching the Masses – Education That Works 

  • Muriel Williman, Orange County
  • Bianca Howard, City of Raleigh
  • Leslie Hatchell, York County Solid Waste

Breakout Session 3: Curbside Recycling Collection Tools and BMPs 

Breakout Session 4: Recycling at Healthcare Facilities

Wednesday Sessions

General Session: Business Leaders In Recycling and Zero Waste 

Breakout Session 5: Taking on the #3-#7 Plastic Challenge 

Breakout Session 6: Source Reduction/Reuse 

Breakout Session 7: Commercial/Institutional Recycling 

Breakout Session 8: Multi-family Recycling 

Breakout Session 9: Expanding the Plastics Mix 

Breakout Session 10: National Recycling Outreach Initiatives 

Breakout Session 11: Making the Most of Public Drop-off Recycling 

Breakout Session 12: Organics Composting

Thursday Sessions

Breakout Session 13: Non-Traditional Materials

Breakout Session 14: Professional Skills Training 

Breakout Session 15: Business of Recycling

Breakout Session 16: Emerging Technologies in the Waste and Recycling Industry 

Breakout Session 17: C&D Recycling Markets and Trends 

  • Sherry Yarkosky, NC RBAC
  • Michael Talbert, Mecklenburg County
  • Mike Griffin, Handle Safe
  • Mike Griffin, Greenway Recycling
  • Randall Baker, Abbey Green
  • Max Doggett, Maximum Solutions

Breakout Session 18: Recycling in Public 

Breakout Session 19: MRF Examination and Review 

Breakout Session 20: Data Tracking & Other Tools: ReTRAC Training 

  • Chris Ronson, Emerge Knowledge

General Session: Recycling Policy and Legislation

Manufacturers Zero Waste Presentations

Featured Manufacturers Zero Waste Initiatives

Getting Started: Approaches, Tools, and Resources for Recycling Challenges
What’s in Your Dirt – Finding Value in Your Program
  • Larry Gay, ICE Recycling
  • Amanda Fairley, Waste Management
  • Michael Lettre, Sonoco Sustainability Solutions
  • Platt Moore, VLS Recovery Services
  • Mary Place, Pratt Industries
ZWTL Achievers Panel


Master Composter Workshop

Household Hazardous Waste – HHW Council

Overcoming Litter Abatement Challenges – KAB Council/KNCB