Optimizing HHW Workshop

Optimizing HHW Collection: Workshop & Tour
Hosted by CRA’s HHW Council & NC DEACS

Thursday December 14, 2017 1:00pm-4:00pm

Mecklenburg County Compost Central and Recycling Center

140 Valleydale Road, Charlotte, NC 28214

Charlotte, NC

Join us for a special co-hosted event of the CRA HHW Council and NC DEACS.  Optimizing HHW Collection is a free workshop and tour, providing in-depth technical assistance focused on how to implement best practices for a permanent HHW collection program, including budgeting, permitting, logistics, and more.  The content will be applicable to both Carolinas as we learn from several great speakers including members of the HHW Council, DEACS, and Mecklenburg County.  The workshop will include a tour of the Mecklenburg County Compost Central and Recycling Center’s HHW exemplary collection program, along with a discussion of any potential funds available to help your program.

Speakers include:

  • Jeremy Maciejewski, CRA HHW Council / NCDA&CS
  • Joseph Fitzpatrick, NC DEACS
  • Shannon Aufman, NC DWM
  • Kenn Webb, ECOFLO
  • Eddie Reynard, City of Greensboro
  • Matthew Walker, Mecklenberg County
  • Derrick Bell, NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

…And More!