Lunch, Learn, & Network – #RecycleRightNC Launch 

Lunch, Learn, & Network – #RecycleRightNC Launch 

CRA and NC DEACS partnered August 13-15 on three anti-contamination workshops in Greenville, Greensboro, and Asheville to launch the #RecycleRightNC campaign. This 10-week anti-contamination campaign, kicking-off this fall, is the culmination of a year’s worth of meetings with MRFs, local haulers, and local governments to create common objectives with unified messaging to reduce recycling contamination.


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By participating in this program, you will have access to the newly designed educational material that had been approved by your specific MRF. You will have the opportunity to request customized outreach materials with features such as company/community logos, specific collection instructions, and collection calendars. This custom design option is available to you at no charge. You will also have access to free social media posts and website content to help educate your community about what to put in the bin, and what to leave out. You will also be provided with press releases and positive messaging to counteract all the recent negative press about recycling.   Save time, money and energy by joining with us to implement this fully developed and easily-executed campaign.  Let’s bring down contamination and arm your residents with the RIGHT recycling information!

Even if you chose not to use the DEACS designed material, you can still participate in the campaign by using the same 10-week period to reach out to your residents with your own anti-contamination materials.

Click here for the #RecycleRightNC Workshop Presentation