Episode 10: Paying it Forward

We are taking a look at the Paying it Forward report that was released by The Recycling Partnership. Scott Mouw talks us through the report with his legendary style and industry knowledge. We hope you enjoy this episode and that you will consider subscribing to the Carolina Recycling Podcast!


Scott Mouw is the Senior Director of Strategy and Research at The Recycling Partnership. Scott brings extensive experience in taking a systems approach to recycling. In his previous role as North Carolina’s State Recycling Director, Scott led efforts in fostering local collection programs, implementing recycling policy, and building a recycling economy.

Scott joined The Recycling Partnership to deploy the same lessons of success to the national scale. Core to this work has been understanding the nuances of each material, the nature of recovery economics and markets, and the necessary role of metrics and data in creating a resilient and responsive recycling system. Whether it’s the fine points of curbside collection, the basic MRF business model, or understanding how the supply of available material reacts to market demand, Scott is ready to engage with all stakeholders across the recycling spectrum.

Episode 9: The Economics of Spitballs

Will Sagar, the Executive Director of the Southeast Recycling Development Council, joins the podcast to discuss the economics of recycling. Will explains how demand works for recyclable commodities and why the market fluctuates.


Will Sagar is Executive Director with the Southeast Recycling Development Council where his efforts include a specific focus upon the economic impact of the recycling industry.

Sagar graduated from the University of North Carolina with a double major on Economics and Mathematics. After selling the excavation business he built and operated for a decade, he was the Solid Waste Director for Transylvania County, NC for 16 years. While there he started the recycling program, built the first lined landfill in Western North Carolina; implemented a Pay As You Throw program, which applied utility pricing to waste collecting resulting in a doubling of the recycling program; established a permanent Household Hazardous Waste collection; and started an electronics recycling program. Later with Henderson County, he started electronics collection and created a county energy accounting system.

Will is a Past President of the Board of Directors the Carolina Recycling Association. He also chairs the Board of The Free Clinic of Transylvania County, which serves the medical needs of the uninsured.



Episode 8: Yesterday’s Lunch, Tomorrow’s Compost

Food waste is the next frontier of waste reduction. Bianca Howard of Wake County Environmental Services discusses the prevalent strategies for reducing or composting food waste.


Bianca Howard is an environmental educator with a professional passion for trash. She didn’t seek the garbage-driven life, but discovered solid waste while earning a master’s degree in ecology. Bianca is a proud graduate of North Carolina State University and the University of Florida. Since 2018, Bianca has served as the Outreach and Marketing Supervisor for Wake County Solid Waste Management. Her duties include coordinating a drop-off collection program for wasted food and managing small grants that help businesses to prevent waste. When she’s not in her garden, you can probably find Bianca reading a book or walking along a greenway.



Episode 7: Debunking Recycling Myths

The Executive Director of the CRA, Mary McClellan, tackles the most prevalent myths in the recycling industry. Got recycling questions? Ask them on https://connect.cra-recycle.org/


Mary McClellan has served as the Executive Director of the Carolina Recycling Association (CRA) since 2016, serving North and South Carolina’s recycling industry with a mission to advance waste reduction and recycling in the Carolinas.  She has proudly contributed to the recycling industry for the past 20 years in the state & local government, private, and non-profit sectors.  She is an executive board member of the National Recycling Coalition and a SWANA-Certified Zero Waste Practitioner.



Episode 6: Recycling Market Update

Market expert Chaz Miller joins the Carolina Recycling Podcast to discuss the improving recycling markets.


Chaz Miller’s career in waste and recycling spanned four decades with stints at the US EPA Office of Solid Waste, the Glass Packaging Institute and the National Waste and Recycling Association. He testified on waste and recycling issues at Congressional and state hearings and spoke at conferences throughout North America. He was a plenary panel speaker at the UN Zero Waste Conference in Tokyo and spoke at a paper recycling conference in China. He is a member of the Maryland Recycling Network Board and an ex officio member of the Board of the Northeast Recycling Council.

Although he is now retired from full time work, he consults and continues to write his award-winning column “The Circular File” for Waste360 and to speak at waste and recycling conferences in the United States and Canada. He recently chaired Montgomery County Aiming for Zero Waste Task Force. He was honored by the National Recycling Coalition for Lifetime Achievement.



Episode 5: Man of Steel (and Aluminum)

Bad superman jokes aside, how long does it take for a recycled can to get back on the shelf? Scott Breen of the Can Manufacturers Institute joins this episode to discuss the sustainability of recycled cans.  Visit www.cancentral.com for ALL the can info!


Scott Breen is Vice President of Sustainability at the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI). CMI represents U.S. metal can manufacturers and their suppliers. His responsibilities include promoting the can as a sustainable/circular package, making sure federal and state legislation and regulation reflect the can’s sustainability advantages, and leading the industry’s efforts to build upon the can industry’s leading recycling rates.

Scott’s roles prior to CMI were associate manager of the Sustainability and Circular Economy Program at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and attorney-adviser at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Along with his position at CMI, Scott also explores various aspects of sustainability as creator and co-host of the podcast “Sustainability Defined.” Sustainability Defined reaches thousands of listeners with its monthly episodes across more than 100 countries and all 50 states.



Episode 4: Carton Today…Toilet Paper Tomorrow

Cartons hold juice, milk, broth, and wine (of course), BUT did you know your box o’ wine can have a new life as toilet paper?  Matt Todd and Sherry Yarkosky both join the episode to explain carton recycling, the Carton Council, and how Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs)  and paper mills can get involved. Learn more about the Carton Council and what might become of that OJ carton in your fridge right now at: https://www.recyclecartons.com/


Matt Todd is a senior consultant for RRS. His 25 years of waste and recycling experience derive from direct public sector service and private sector business and consulting. His expertise in solid waste and recycling programs, end markets, grant programs, and the circular economy has placed him in front of various organizations, including corporations, municipalities, NGOs, private recycling companies, and universities. Matt has guided organizations toward sustainability, identified opportunities for community recycling improvements, and assisted trade organizations to execute material recovery strategies.
Sherry joined RRS as an Associate Senior Consultant in 2018, bringing over 25 years of diverse and deep experience in research, economic modeling, sustainable materials management, recycling market development, grants and proposal writing and review, and solid waste and recycling program management. Over her career, Sherry has worked in the industry from a variety of perspectives including local government, state government, and nonprofit and private industry consulting.



Episode 3: Re-Made in the Carolinas: PET

In this episode, Miguel Burgoa describes why Clear Path Recycling is one of the most prolific plastic recyclers in the southeast. Clear Path recycles hundreds of millions of pounds of PET bottles every year.



Episode 2: Re-Made in the Carolinas: Glass

On the episode, Laura Hennemann of Strategic Materials discusses the current landscape and sustainability of glass recycling. Laura is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Strategic Materials, Inc. which is one of the country’s leaders in glass recycling.


With over a decade of experience in marketing & communications, Laura joined Strategic Materials in 2016, bringing a background in industrial by-product recycling and commercialization in 32 countries.  Today, Laura handles many recycling industry challenges through coordination with trade organizations – she sits on the Executive Board for the Glass Recycling Foundation (501c3 non-profit), is an active member of the Glass Recycling Coalition and the Glass Packaging Institute.  She also works with many industry-leading companies to promote and grow their sustainability programs and glass packaging recyclability in a variety of industries.  Laura is a LEED Green Associate® and GBCI TRUE Advisor.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Master of Business Administration from The Pennsylvania State University.



Episode 1: The Plastic Paradox

On episode one of the Carolina Recycling Podcast, CRA Board Member Matt James spoke with Nina Butler of More Recycling to discuss the state of plastics recycling. Nina unravels the advantages of using plastics as lightweight packaging while addressing the risk that plastics pose to our oceans.


Nina Butler – Nina Bellucci Butler is the CEO of More Recycling, a research and information technology firm, striving to harmonize human behavior with the natural world. The company’s information technology platform, relationships, and understanding of the plastics recycling landscape have made it the trusted organization to deliver the annual plastic recycling reports for the U.S. and Canada for more than 10 years. Nina and her team have also developed resources such as PlasticsMarkets.org, Buy Recycled Plastics Directory, and CircularityInAction.com.

Nina is an industry leader and visionary providing key insights into sustainability for nearly 20 years. For example, she testified before the U.S. Congressional Hearing on Challenges Facing Recycling and has presented at international events (e.g., World Petrochemical Conference, Nat Geo Circular Economy Forum, and the World Bank Problue Series) to share information on the path towards circularity. Nina believes in delivering unbiased guidance in navigating the role plastics play in the movement towards circular supply chains, valuing carbon, and reducing GHG emissions. Under Nina’s leadership, MORE also leads multi-stakeholder initiatives, the latest of which resulted in a “Roadmap to Plastic Recyclability” for packaging not currently accepted for recycling. Her team is working to harmonize design guidelines in Europe and North America. She serves on the board of directors for the National Recycling Coalition and has a Masters of Environmental Management degree from Duke University, where she was also part of the Duke Environmental Leadership Program. She is a mother of two girls and lives in Chapel Hill, NC.

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