Board Level Committees

Executive Committee– Oversees the Executive Director, acts on behalf of the board in emergency situations.  And other duties as outlined in the Board Handbook. (Board Only Committee)

Annual Conference Committee– Plans and implements the CRA Annual Conference.  Along with committee chair, staff plays a leading role in this committee.  Advises staff on the location, program and speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and public relations.

Board Development Committee– Assists with Board nominations, election of officers, and the Annual Meeting.  This committee holds an annual Board evaluation, assesses strengths and weaknesses in order to pursue new Board candidates that can balance the board’s needs.  Plans the Board orientation and retreat with the Executive Director and President.

Education and Outreach Committee– Plans and implements the development of educational opportunities for membership through a variety of different avenues.

Finance Committee– Review finances and budgets with staff.  Considers and recommends budget changes.  Reviews the draft budget and takes recommendations by staff to the Board.  Recommends financial policy.  Develops a financial plan to meet future needs, which may include fund raising, identifying, and seeking sources of revenue- grants and endowments.

Fund Development Committee– Ensures that the Board develops diverse and sustainable funding sources that create revenue streams through the integration of the association’s fundraising, marketing, membership, product and service activities in order to fulfill the CRA’s mission and goals.

Membership Committee- Works with existing members to identify member service needs. Develops and implements member outreach strategy for new members.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Committee- The DEI Advisory committee will work to look at CRA’s activities and policies through the lens of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DE&I). The committee will advise CRA on matters respecting and prioritizing diversity and inclusion in the CRA’s activities and governance. They will also advise the CRA on ways to include, inspire, and impact communities of color and underserved communities in the Carolinas’ recycling industry in all sectors.

CRA’s committees are even stronger with your involvement!  We would love to have you volunteer for a committee (or three)!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact CRA staff – [email protected].